For many years it was our dream to live in the South-West of France. After a lot of thinking, we decided not to wait any longer and we made our dream come true.

After one year – a year that was mostly meant for us to get used to the pace of life in the south of France, we had to go back to work again.
We preferred to start all over again and not to continue working in our previous professions. At this time we got an enquiry asking if we were interested in managing a cottage for seasonal rentals – ‘et voila’ – we had found our new passion!
Today, we manage seven magnificent cottages / villas. And no matter what the rental price may be – we receive our guests with enthusiasm and have made it our goal to make our guests feel at home at all times.

On the following pages, you’ll find a brief summary of the cottages / villas we manage. If you have any queries or would like further information, please contact us on:

Bastiaan & Jacqueline Bezemer
We’re looking forward to meet you!

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